“By transforming my own health, the ripple improves the lives of those closest to me.”


I am Dr. Brian Anderson. I’m happy to introduce myself here, and my practice, ADIO Health & Wellness.

(ADIO is pronounced UH-DYE-OH) We are new to the community of Ripon, California, and so pleased to be part of it!

The name ADIO stands for ABOVE, DOWN, INSIDE, OUT which is exactly the approach we take to maximizing our health and yours! We each have the capability to reach our full potential and feel amazing- it begins with energy, well-being and vitality.

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, I am passionate about sharing useful practices and habits, combined with nutritional therapies to change lives for the better. Imagine life with more of the best of YOU to give to those you love and care for! 

By changing one person for the best, the ripple improves the lives of those closest to them also!

Stay tuned for many practical and useful video topics for moving toward YOUR ADIO health! The transformation begins here!

Thanks for stopping by!!

— Dr. Brian Anderson D.C. Functional Medicine Practitioner