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How hard is your doctor trying to get you off of medications?


ADIO Health and Wellness Programs

Our programs are designed after years of study and work with thousands of patients… 

After chasing symptoms and trying every next fad nutrition protocol, it is time to cut through the confusion and get to the underlying cause of your health issue.

Our patients are more educated than ever before. We help them get the solutions and transformation they are looking for- not just mere information.    

Upper Cervical Care

Nerve function is the key to health.

Our upper cervical care program provides for a very specific evaluation of the upper cervical spine complex. This includes a complete neurological evaluation as well.

Once the evaluation is complete we use a unique adjusting instrument and table called the Specific Upper Cervical Adjusting Machine. S.A.M. This instrument provides a very specific correction to the upper cervical spine.

Once the correction has been made the patient is schedule for follow up visits to evaluate their progress.

Remember, Health begins from ABOVE DOWN INSIDE OUT!

Six Steps to Wellness

Superior healing begins when you address Six Steps that are important for optimal health. We address and evaluate Six Key Areas:

Allergies and Sensitivities, Nutrition, Structure, Toxicities, Electrical Pollution, Emotions and Stress


We do not treat or cure these disorders. There are however keys to improving our body’s overall health.

First, proper testing is performed to evaluate food sensitivities, levels of environmental toxins like pesticides, glyphosate, and mold within the system, heavy metal testing, as well as testing of organic acids.

Upon the results from the testing a blueprint is designed and a specific program is given that helps the body respond and improve it’s overall function.